No Internet!

I can't blog because our Internet has been out! I'm starting to get very frustrated......I've got lots of great ideas to share but can't :( hopefully the company will get it figured out soon!! All they are telling us is that it is an outage in our area...

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A very sad week...

It was a sad, tough week at school. Last Friday one of my little guys lost his mom to breast cancer. She has been very sick all year but yet it came as such a shock to me when I found she had passed.

I attended the funeral yesterday and it was heartbreakingly-sad! I feel for her little boys who don't understand the finality of what has happened. She was a beautiful women and I know she will be greatly missed by her family.

Having my own daughter now- really put this whole situation into perspective and I am really taking a look at my life and what I have to be thankful for.