Animal Habitats-some silly sentences!

We are now getting ready for Open House! EEK- my most stressful time of year....it's on May 5...so I gotta get busy! We are doing an Animal Habitat theme....Each week we are doing a new habitat- this week is just intro to habitats, animals and their needs etc.

So I came up with Animal Habitat silly sentences. We do silly sentences all year anyways- they are usually themed with each month.....I always put them in centers- my kids LOVE them.

They choose three cards- The who, what/how and a where. I run on three diff color construction paper and then laminate- my sets last for years.

They line up their three cards in order - then write their sentence down on the recording sheet and then draw and label their picture to go with. I have my kids do 6 sentences.

I started these ones today during centers- and my kids really, really enjoyed them.

Silly Sentences Template: Download Here

Writing sheet: Download Here



  1. Oh my goodness, I seriously love this!! I tried making a silly sentences activity using action words and I couldn't find clip art to go with my action words so I just got frustrated and gave up! I love the way you did this! Thank you!!

    Miss Kindergarten

  2. Thanks for sharing!! I've been wanting to do an activity like this and just hadn't got around to making one.

  3. Thanks for the great idea and resources! This will work great in my class.