Literacy Centers and Guided Reading

Another Linky Party-

This time on Literacy centers!!!

I run 5 centers a week in my classroom- the kids do one center a day. I do this between recess and lunch (10:30-11:30) everyday and while the kids are working at their particular center for the day- I pull 2 guided reading groups.

I have the following centers everyweek:
  • Story of the Week 
  • Reading Center 
  • Writing Center
  • Theme Center 
  • Spelling/Word Work Center

Story of the Week- working on reading comprehension skill for the week or a review from last weeks skill. We use HM.

Reading Center- My administrator is big, BIG on A.R. (Accelerated Reader) - so my 1st grade team decided to do an A.R. center during the week. The kids have to read and take 2 AR tests during their time at this center- it's going great!!

Writing- various writing or grammar  skills

Theme-social studies or science themed center

Spelling-weekly spelling, word work or phonics skill activities.

I have a chart in the front of my room - with their group names- group members, and their center for the day.
Here are my groups:
 (I have a southwest theme)

Here is what I use to label all my centers- I have these on my chart- below my chart showing them what 2nd activity they can go to- on the center boxes- etc- basically everywhere.


I store my centers in clear plastic scrapbook containers (LOVE THEM)- I got them from Michaels- they look like THIS.

I do have to say though- that I work in a pretty high achieving school/ district....we are pretty much left alone when it comes to centers/lit circles/guided reading....this seems to be working well for me though :)


  1. I love your labels and that you have the same types of centers each week! I'm currently thinking about changing my centers to something similar! Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Thanks for joining! Cute labels, by the way!

    Colleen Patton
    Mrs. Patton’s Patch