10 Things I've Learned from Teaching...(Linky Party!)


I stumbled upon another AWESOME teaching blog and she is hosting a Linky Party (LOVE THESE)!!! 

Jennifer over at Rowdy in First Grade is hosting the party :)

So 10 Things I have Learned from Teaching....

I have been teaching for 7 years this year- I can guarantee I've learned *at least* 10 things...

1. I'm not at work to make friends- although it is a nice perk when it does work out- it usually creates drama.

2. The kid who *annoys* you the most- will NEVER miss a day of school, never leave early or come in late.

3.  When a kid feels "sick" they will not tell you ahead of time- they will tell you the moment they are going to puke that they don't feel good.

4. Every student is someone's "Baby"- that is their precious baby and will most likely have a hard time hearing something negative- so be careful how you present things .

5. Email-while extremely handy and quick- can be negative. Tone does not come across in emails and may be misconstrued by a parent.

6. Showing you have an interest in a child beyond their academic success sometimes means the most Ito a parent- By showing that I not only cared about a students academic success but also emotional well being- the parent actually went straight to the district with praise. All parents want to know and feel like their child is supported, safe and in a loving environment when at school.

7. It's OK if they don't get it the first time you teach it- especially first graders- they are still so new to school and so new the some of the skills they are expected to master. I am there to guide them through the learning process....
Learning is a process-  a journey- not a means to an end. It may take 1 time teaching something - it may take 10 and 10 different ways at that but as long as my students are in fact "learning" - then I have done my job at the end of the day.

8. CUTE clipart - such as DJ Inkers is a must in my book- EVERYTHING is much more fun with a little bit of cuteness. 

9. Sometimes the most important thing you can do as a teacher is build a personal connection with your students- get to know them on a personal level and let me get to know you. Let me see you act silly and joke around with them. Have conversations with them that are not academic.....it can make a world of difference in some students lives!!!

10. As a first grade teacher- I could not LIVE with out my Crayola Twistable colored pencils! I do so much coloring for examples and misc things and the twistable colored pencils make coloring so easy!!!


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