Animal Habitats-some silly sentences!

We are now getting ready for Open House! EEK- my most stressful time of year....it's on May 5...so I gotta get busy! We are doing an Animal Habitat theme....Each week we are doing a new habitat- this week is just intro to habitats, animals and their needs etc.

So I came up with Animal Habitat silly sentences. We do silly sentences all year anyways- they are usually themed with each month.....I always put them in centers- my kids LOVE them.

They choose three cards- The who, what/how and a where. I run on three diff color construction paper and then laminate- my sets last for years.

They line up their three cards in order - then write their sentence down on the recording sheet and then draw and label their picture to go with. I have my kids do 6 sentences.

I started these ones today during centers- and my kids really, really enjoyed them.

Silly Sentences Template: Download Here

Writing sheet: Download Here



Literacy Centers and Guided Reading

Another Linky Party-

This time on Literacy centers!!!

I run 5 centers a week in my classroom- the kids do one center a day. I do this between recess and lunch (10:30-11:30) everyday and while the kids are working at their particular center for the day- I pull 2 guided reading groups.

I have the following centers everyweek:
  • Story of the Week 
  • Reading Center 
  • Writing Center
  • Theme Center 
  • Spelling/Word Work Center

Story of the Week- working on reading comprehension skill for the week or a review from last weeks skill. We use HM.

Reading Center- My administrator is big, BIG on A.R. (Accelerated Reader) - so my 1st grade team decided to do an A.R. center during the week. The kids have to read and take 2 AR tests during their time at this center- it's going great!!

Writing- various writing or grammar  skills

Theme-social studies or science themed center

Spelling-weekly spelling, word work or phonics skill activities.

I have a chart in the front of my room - with their group names- group members, and their center for the day.
Here are my groups:
 (I have a southwest theme)

Here is what I use to label all my centers- I have these on my chart- below my chart showing them what 2nd activity they can go to- on the center boxes- etc- basically everywhere.


I store my centers in clear plastic scrapbook containers (LOVE THEM)- I got them from Michaels- they look like THIS.

I do have to say though- that I work in a pretty high achieving school/ district....we are pretty much left alone when it comes to centers/lit circles/guided reading....this seems to be working well for me though :)


10 Things I've Learned from Teaching...(Linky Party!)


I stumbled upon another AWESOME teaching blog and she is hosting a Linky Party (LOVE THESE)!!! 

Jennifer over at Rowdy in First Grade is hosting the party :)

So 10 Things I have Learned from Teaching....

I have been teaching for 7 years this year- I can guarantee I've learned *at least* 10 things...

1. I'm not at work to make friends- although it is a nice perk when it does work out- it usually creates drama.

2. The kid who *annoys* you the most- will NEVER miss a day of school, never leave early or come in late.

3.  When a kid feels "sick" they will not tell you ahead of time- they will tell you the moment they are going to puke that they don't feel good.

4. Every student is someone's "Baby"- that is their precious baby and will most likely have a hard time hearing something negative- so be careful how you present things .

5. Email-while extremely handy and quick- can be negative. Tone does not come across in emails and may be misconstrued by a parent.

6. Showing you have an interest in a child beyond their academic success sometimes means the most Ito a parent- By showing that I not only cared about a students academic success but also emotional well being- the parent actually went straight to the district with praise. All parents want to know and feel like their child is supported, safe and in a loving environment when at school.

7. It's OK if they don't get it the first time you teach it- especially first graders- they are still so new to school and so new the some of the skills they are expected to master. I am there to guide them through the learning process....
Learning is a process-  a journey- not a means to an end. It may take 1 time teaching something - it may take 10 and 10 different ways at that but as long as my students are in fact "learning" - then I have done my job at the end of the day.

8. CUTE clipart - such as DJ Inkers is a must in my book- EVERYTHING is much more fun with a little bit of cuteness. 

9. Sometimes the most important thing you can do as a teacher is build a personal connection with your students- get to know them on a personal level and let me get to know you. Let me see you act silly and joke around with them. Have conversations with them that are not academic.....it can make a world of difference in some students lives!!!

10. As a first grade teacher- I could not LIVE with out my Crayola Twistable colored pencils! I do so much coloring for examples and misc things and the twistable colored pencils make coloring so easy!!!


Random Thoughts....

My mind is in Spring Break mode already and so that last thing I want to do when I get home at night or on the weekends is think about school ( I know, bad teacher). I have been avoiding my blog and computer and instead spending much time with my precious Lyla and my husband!

We went to Disneyland this past Friday and had a BLAST! We are going back next week- when I'm on Spring Break and I can't wait!!!!

As I sit here eating my Spring Oreos and milk and watching Bethenny Ever After- I can't help but think this time next week- I wont' have to get up early and I can do what I want all day and night :)

In good news- my district will not be laying off any teachers next year! I get to keep my job! :)- I was safe last year but wasn't sure how deep the cuts would go if they had to cut at all this year. Also, 1st grade is staying at 24:1 instead of going up to 30- I am EVEN more excited about that. I hope I get to stay in my same room- I have been teaching for almost 7 years and have never been in the same classroom for more than 2 years in a row....

So- now for some things I have been working on - I got the cutest little domino pouches from Oriental Trading....
I created this worksheet for Math centers: (click to download-I'm feeling to lazy to show a picture)

Domino Math Center

OK- so I am having MAJOR issues with Google Docs- I save my things as PDF's but Google Docs is not uploading them as PDF's everything is getting all messed up and I don't know how to fix it- anyone out there know what I can do or another program I can use???



Thanks to Elisabeth at The Adventures of Miss Elisabeth I got to participate in my very first accessory swap! I L.O.V.E.D it and will definitely do it again.

My partner was Kristen at First Grade Teaching!!! Can I just say that she is AMAZING and I love her blog-but she also sent me some amazing stuff and went way overboard on me :) I feel way spoiled and LOVE everything she sent me- here is what I got:





I can't wait to wear the jewelry and start using my fun stuff!!!!