Finally- a peek inside my classroom!

So I spent Wednesday and yesterday at school getting somewhat set up and organized! I was lucky enough to be able to stay in the same room again (just switching grade levels)- so I just kept my same fadeless paper up and changed borders before school ended.

It's still pretty plain but compared to previous years- I don't have much to do! We also have back to school night this Friday so I've been consumed with trying to get stuff ready and done for that. Some of the stuff that goes on the walls- can't be added until the kids arrive anyways. Here's the tour:

Looking in from the door-when I first walk in. (the two doors agains the wall lead into our pod area-a center workroom for the four classrooms in my building)

the wall with the clouds is my focus wall for reading - I must have not gotten a close up of it...

Guided reading area- messy right now- with the Social Studies board- we are starting with Governing the People....after that unit I will switch it to a science theme. The green board will be an A.R. board.

Back wall-Theme wall. I usually try and do a glyph each month and it goes on the fence and then monthly portfolio writing goes up on this wall. 

Computers and Math manipulatives/Games

Math wall:
Language arts manipulatives/half of library

Word wall, word helpers and library:

half of my library- it is organized by genre. 

Looking to the front of my classroom from the very back.

This is the front door where you enter the room. Calendar and clip chart are here.

Counter/Sink/window wall. This wall is still not done and all my little trinkets that go on the window ledge are still all put away.

Got this GREAT bulletin board idea from Amy Lemons (Step into Second Grade with Mrs. Lemons)

Front- white board, teacher desk. (Did find out yesterday that we are getting Mimio's and I am super excited!!)

Pocket chart hanging from board is for centers. I have a lot of things missing from my board still. 

Word and Reading Focus walls-my computer and document camera.


Blog Mixer

So - I have a confession- I secretly wish I had more followers.....

With that being said- I am linking up with Yearn to Learn and joining in her See and Find Blog Mixer Linky Party.

New Kid on the Block: (we share the last name)

Just Reed!

Blogger in my same gradelevel: (LOVE this blog!)

Blogger in a Different Grade Level: (SUCH amazing ideas & now a newlywed)

Cute Button Find:

Speaking of BUTTONS- I need one! I also need a new design- I have emailed several people about a new blog design but never hear anything back- I at least want a cute button somehow! 

A giveaway at....

I am super excited about this giveaway and SO HOPING I just might win!!! Anyways check out Ms. Male at A Day in the Life of a 2nd Grade Teacher and enter in her giveaway!

She is giving away a "Cootie Catchers" set from Creative Teaching Resources....one of my favorite places to buy from. 

Good Luck! 


Teacher's Notebook

I have to admit that I have never been able to get on board with TpT- I don't know why I just have not signed up for one reason or another. 

I do have a {minor} confession though- I just don't think I can bring myself to "sell" my stuff online when I hate to have to "buy" things other teachers' make. I just feel as though we as teacher's all make so little as it is and all work so hard for things we create- and so the stuff I make I usually just end of linking to my blog for free. I honestly cannot afford to buy a bunch of new things for the classroom- as much as I wish I could. 

I'm still thinking it all over though and figuring out if maybe it would be beneficial. I do put a lot of time and effort to my items that I create.....I may look into this new website. 

I stumbled across this website from Lindsay at the teacher wife. Some of the sites key points are: 

Selling on Teacher's Notebook:
-NO Listing Fees
-First Year FREE (yes that's right, no Sale's fees for a YEAR!)
-Unlimited FREE items
-Keep 100% of all sales (minus PayPal fees)
-It's risk free! (You can cancel at any time)

I think I may check it out....

If you post on TpT- is it worth it?
Do you make a significant amount of money???


I'm Back! Ready for 2nd grade!

Well- after taking a MUCH NEEDED month off to not think about school- I think I am ready to jump back in! I am {almost} excited about teaching 2nd grade. As much as I L.O.V.E teaching 1st- and that is where my h.e.a.r.t is I'm going to suck it up and give this new grade level a fair chance. 

So- that being said- I decided that since I have already taught a testing grade {3rd}- that I would modify what I did in 3rd grade to match the 2nd grade standards. 

One thing that we did as a team that truly worked was Daily Language Homework.  {I should note that we use HM for reading and so I base the HW off of the theme we are on}The kids have a page a night- and it encompasses many skills-daily language practice, vocabulary, spelling, phonics, grammar, structural analysis etc all in one week! It's a good way for the kids to keep practicing the skills they will need for the state test (California State Standards Test-or the CST). 

So this is what I have done for Theme 1 -Week 1 {Dragon Gets By}

Dragon Gets ByHW1