I'm Back! Ready for 2nd grade!

Well- after taking a MUCH NEEDED month off to not think about school- I think I am ready to jump back in! I am {almost} excited about teaching 2nd grade. As much as I L.O.V.E teaching 1st- and that is where my h.e.a.r.t is I'm going to suck it up and give this new grade level a fair chance. 

So- that being said- I decided that since I have already taught a testing grade {3rd}- that I would modify what I did in 3rd grade to match the 2nd grade standards. 

One thing that we did as a team that truly worked was Daily Language Homework.  {I should note that we use HM for reading and so I base the HW off of the theme we are on}The kids have a page a night- and it encompasses many skills-daily language practice, vocabulary, spelling, phonics, grammar, structural analysis etc all in one week! It's a good way for the kids to keep practicing the skills they will need for the state test (California State Standards Test-or the CST). 

So this is what I have done for Theme 1 -Week 1 {Dragon Gets By}

Dragon Gets ByHW1


  1. I was new to second grade last year after teaching first grade for four years. You'll love second grade. It's now my new favorite grade. I hope you have a smooth transition to 2nd!


  2. I did 2nd grade for years and LOVED it. I moved up to 3rd grade 2 years ago.

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