The Good, the Bad and.....

It's been a CRAZY few weeks for me! We have exactly 7 days left of this year.....it's all been so bittersweet for me. Open house flew by and went great! I have pics of my room on my camera that I need to upload- We also had our first grade performance on April 14th and it was FANTASTIC. I can't believe how cute and perfect it turned out. We did the musical Bugz! and everyone LOVED it.

Now to my news- I'm going to start with the bad:
I have to switch grade levels next year. It was not my choice but my administrators. I LOVE first grade- I mean truly in my heart love it and this was my first full year teaching 1st, I was out most of last year on maternity leave. Anyways, I finally got all my binders, files, masters etc together and I find out this week that I will be teaching 2nd next year. I have never taught 2nd. Not that I'm that nervous....I have some great friends who have taught 2nd who are willing to meet with me this summer and prep me. BUT I just truly love 1st and I am a bit sad.

Here's what happened-
My administrator is changing a LOT of things. Basically my entire pod (building with 4 classrooms and a middle workroom) is changing over to the 2nd grade pod. The 2nd grade pod from this year is now going to be 1st grade :( I can't say exactly why this is happening (I know but it's best to keep it confidential) but I'm a bit sad.

I was told on Tuesday that I was going to be moved up to 2nd along with the other teachers in my building who also teach 1st. We were all being moved up to teach 2nd grade. My admin also told me that another option she has in mind for me is maybe teaching PM kinder next year so that I would have a more flexible schedule to be in the office more for administrative duties. I have my admin credential and masters in admin and I am ready to take on more responsibilities. I won't know until the beginning of the year though if I am going down to Kinder- So for now I am teaching 2nd.

The Good- yes there is some good in all of this change and I'm glad I see it. I get to stay in my room! WOO HOO I hate moving classrooms. I'll just pack my 1st grade binders and files and store them at home and everything else can stay. I have all fadeless paper up on my walls so I'm thinking I'll just change out some borders to make the room look a bit different because I get to loop about 18 of my kids from this year.

I'm pretty excited about looping my class. I have never done this and I really enjoy my kids this year. I have some GREAT parent volunteers (3 who help out 1x a week each) and have some really smart kids who I know I can challenge. So- a lot of change ahead for me but I'm going to keep my head high and faith strong and I know it will be fine...

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  1. You will LOVE 2nd grade... I've been teaching it for 17 years and hope to stay put for a few more!!
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