Listening Centers...

My new obsession is making center time more 'productive' and not just busy work. I mean it's almost an hour out of our instructional day. So....with that said- in my classroom I run 5 centers a week. They kids do one center a day. I have a reading center (which right now is just for reading books and taking A.R. Quizzes), spelling center, writing center, Theme center, and Story of the Week Center.

I was not happy with the story of the week center....I hated having them do an activity for the story we would be reading because on Monday's they hadn't even read the story yet! So- I have now changed it to focus on the comprehension skill of the week that goes with our story. I have been using listening centers for this. I LOVE listening centers- but hate when all they do is listen to a story and there is nothing to go with it.

The past couple of weeks I have been taking a listening center and creating a worksheet (hate that word) an activity to go alone with the story they listen to and the comprehension skill.

We use HM and are on Theme 6. For week 1 we were doing Noting Details - so I pulled the listening center-Giraffes Can't Dance and created this to go with it:

Noting Details Center Full Download

For week 2 (this week for us) We are working on Making Predictions- so I took the story Giggle, Giggle, Quack and came up with this activity:

Predictions Listening Center Full Download

I'm working on one for next week- Slugs in Love (Problem Solving)....


  1. Love free downloads! Great ideas, thanks for sharing. Following you from Rowdy in First Linky :)

  2. I have made a lot of listening centers to go with books/CD's from Scholastic. I don't have a blog yet, but would not mind sharing with you in return. If you'd like to email me and check to see if I have one for books you have.