Stay Tuned....

I'm having MAJOR trouble with google docs and I am beyond frustrated with it right now so I'm going to go lay down and read on my kindle...

I had a great post- with a domino math game center, juicy words memory game and apple contractions but nooooooo google docs didn't like that idea and is completely messing up my PDF! It only uploads the text and in some weird font! Anyone got any ideas.....

On a good note- it is EXTREMELY beneficial having a husband who specializes in graphic and web design....and is honestly a PRO at photoshop- he is teaching me all the in's and outs and how to navigate this whole new web world :)

SO....I do have a great post - just can't get it to work tonight- will try again on Sunday- as tomorrow completely book and Saturday I have another completely full day.

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  1. I was having trouble with google docs last night too. Hopefully it'll all work beautifully this weekend. I can't wait to see your cute work!