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How do I upload documents from google docs to share with all of you??? Someone help me please!! :)

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  1. Google Docs has been acting kind of weird lately - I have noticed it and I have seen others commenting on it.
    Here is what has worked for me though: I upload my documents to Google Docs. After it goes back to the screen where it shows the list of all of your documents, check the box next to the file you want to post and click the box at the top that says "More Actions." Choose "Show Details." This opens your document in a new window. On the right side of the screen it says "Link to this Page" - highlight and copy the second link (it says embed in website or blog). Go to your blog, start a new post and choose the "Edit HTML" tab in the right corner (right above where you type). Then just paste the link. You should still be able to type above the link or below it. When you preview your post or post it to your blog, it will look like most of my docs do on my blog (the ones where you can scroll and see the whole document.) If you want to post a picture to click on instead, I think Ladybug Teacher Files had a post about that. The part I really had trouble with was figuring out how to get a picture of my document and how to get it to link to the document. I finally figured out that you can get the picture of your document if you open the document in Google Docs, right click on the document itself, choose "Save Image As" and save it to your desktop (or anywhere really, I choose to save it on my desktop so I can find it easily and then delete it after uploading it). Then you upload the picture and put it in your post. After you have your picture, click on it to highlight it and click the link button. As Ladybug Teacher Files said, you usually have to do this twice to get the link box to come up. Once it does, just paste your link and you are ready to post!
    Hope this makes sense! Let me know if you have any problems!